Probably like seven or eight years ago, I came across a twitter account called @Santa__Claus (which does not exist anymore). It was like Santa had a real twitter; he talked about things he was doing throughout the year to get ready for Christmas and then on Dec. 24 he would…

Bruiser Brody, subject of a ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ episode

Despite the PG-era mandate of making everything fun and happy in today’s WWE, things are not always as positive as they seem. That less-than-rosy side is what Vice, along with producers Jason Eisener and Evan Husney, are examining in the six-episode first season of “Dark Side of the Ring.” Premiering…

The title is a joke. Kurt Cobain wanted that to be the title of what became the final Nirvana album.

I was going through a box the other day and came across a notepad from late 2015 or early 2016. I was 29 years old, and going to turn 30 that summer. I was thinking about life, and decided to write down some of these thoughts. …

Chris Slater

Journalist. Published locally and globally.

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