MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Promising to never stop fighting for transgender men and women, Del. Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, urged West Virginia University to take a stand against House Bill 3293, during a protest outside of the Mountainlair student union Monday evening. If signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice, HB 3293 would ban transgender females from competing in female sports at the K-12 level, as well as colleges and universities.

Probably like seven or eight years ago, I came across a twitter account called @Santa__Claus (which does not exist anymore). It was like Santa had a real twitter; he talked about things he was doing throughout the year to get ready for Christmas and then on Dec. 24 he would live-tweet going to all of the places and delivering presents. I thought it was cute and funny. So I followed the account. I would see a tweet or two a month and then as Christmas approached there would be a lot more happening.

In 2013, I noticed that the account…

Adrianne Curry, season 1 winner of “America’s Next Top Model.”

I wonder if Adrianne Curry still thinks about me? She crosses my mind on occasion. Ours was a brief encounter; I knew her from the television, and I’m sure she had no clue who I was. Well, unless she makes it a point to know college dropouts working at Pizza Hut.

We need to go back to a simpler time for this story. Back to the summer of that innocent(?) year known as 2009. The wounds were still fresh, so the “Bush did 9/11” jokes were a few years off. The housing crisis was in its infancy. The wars in…

Something about presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg just comes off a little queer to me. The way he lives his life, I just don’t know if I can approve of it. That he does it so openly and freely, without a care in the world — I mean, how do I explain this to the children who see him on television? How do I tell them that Mayor Pete is… religious?

That most major religions have the same basic general story, and we all pretend like one fairy tale is superior to another one is a lesson in absurdity. …

Bruiser Brody, subject of a ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ episode

Despite the PG-era mandate of making everything fun and happy in today’s WWE, things are not always as positive as they seem. That less-than-rosy side is what Vice, along with producers Jason Eisener and Evan Husney, are examining in the six-episode first season of “Dark Side of the Ring.” Premiering each Wednesday at 9 p.m., the hour-long show (really 45 minutes since they don’t have commercials) tackles one seedier aspect of the wrestling business each week.

Early reviews have been positive. Jim Cornette is treating it like a triple cheeseburger from Wendy’s — he can’t get enough of it. The…

Originally published 04–20–15 at chris slater dot blogspot dot com

Today is April 20, which if we’re writing the date out with numerals is 4/20, which is a marijuana term 4:20, which is sort of an unofficial “meeting time” to partake.

With marijuana legalization happening in several states and medicinal marijuana becoming much more widespread, the negative stigma about this drug is slowly starting to disappear.

One thing I’ve joked about from being a professional wrestling fan for so many years is the additional knowledge I’ve picked up. I know a lot about knee injuries; the difference between the ACL…

The title is a joke. Kurt Cobain wanted that to be the title of what became the final Nirvana album.

I was going through a box the other day and came across a notepad from late 2015 or early 2016. I was 29 years old, and going to turn 30 that summer. I was thinking about life, and decided to write down some of these thoughts. At the time, having recently released an e-book, I figured this would be good fodder for another one.

So, I decided to analyze every aspect of my life as I approach 30, and turn it into something I could post online and sell. Now, as we all know, that didn’t happen. …

For the last part of 2017 and first half of 2018, I was writing a blog for the Charleston Gazette-Mail called “30-Something.” It spawned from an idea I had to help give that young adult, 20- and 30-something audience a voice. I was reading the editorial page of the newspaper, and I realized that it didn’t speak to me. Check out the first blog post back in Nov. 2017 for more information on why I started it. …

There were way too many people wandering around this Books A Million for me to be posing with a stuffed owl.

Harry Potter is such a pop culture phenom, and to illustrate that, I received far more personalized feedback on my book one review than I do for most other blog posts. I had friends from high school, college, work, Tinder, etc… messaging me letting me know how happy they are that I finally took the plunge.

About a year ago, I matched up on Tinder with a girl who worked behind the scenes at channel 13 news. I had recently moved to the area and was trying to figure out who was who at what station. With hindsight, I realize what I asked this girl was a mistake: “Is that the channel with the hot weather lady?” She rolled her eyes and sighed. It was not, but she she knew who I was talking about. Chelsea Ambriz worked at channel 3.

Young, beautiful, intelligent, I was instantly enamored with Chelsea. We kept the television at work…

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